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New Builds - Save $$ with Lightweight Weatherboard Cladding

Posted By S Costa  
12:13 PM

When building a new home, you have to consider costs and try and stay on budget. There are all the unseen things that come into consideration like soil tests, how deep do the foundations need to be to support the structure etc. and weight is something that has to be worked out.

Using lightweight upvc weatherboard cladding will add a few things to your 'pro's' column 

1. Scaffold hire for the maintenance down the track won't be needed to repaint because Formplex Weatherboards are coloured all the way through so you 'never paint again'

2. Weight on the frame is another bonus when calculating foundations

3. Maintenance Free Weatherboards won't rot, chip or peel so it suits all living environments from coastal to urban as it won't corrode with sea air and dust and dirt just wash off

Call our building department and we will work with you and your builder to give you the house you deserve and should just enjoy.