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Supertuff i25 Cladding Board

SUPERTUFF2.JPG - small  
                                 The new Rivergum range of supertuff - very modern upgrade
Double profile chamfer board
Length  5.84 mtr
Cover - 250mm
Trims -  Wood grained finish                                      
Insulation - 25mm foam backed
Colours - White, Ivory, Vanilla, Glade, Heritage Gold, Grey, Rivergum, Linen
Supertuff can be installed straight onto new construction over the sisalation and is easy to install with a unique interlocking system that makes it a quick and simple to handle product that will give your extension a professional weatherboard look without the maintenance of painting or repairs to weathered and rotting boards and full protection against the elements. 


Supertuff Vinyl Cladding is tough and long lasting.  It is UV resistant and suitable for the extremes of the Australian climate, providing insulation benefits in both summer and winter.  Another reason Supertuff is perfect for the upper storey extension as weather conditions commonly heat up the upper level and cause deterioration with constant exposure to the extremes and double profile saves time and labour on installation.


Formplex offer a 50 year guarantee when we install Formplex Weatherboards on your home by our qualified and experienced tradesmen.