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Excell SP Type A Building & Vinyl Cladding Board


ExcellBoard SP is one of only a few genuine thick cladding boards on the market

ExcellBoard SP is primarily used in New Construction applications as it is easily installed straight onto studs but it is also used in recladding existing homes and can be installed over the existing boards or fibro.

Being 6mm thick makes it the strongest of all the Formplex Cladding products.

ExcellBoard SP vinyl weatherboards is also perfect for Upper Storey Extensions giving you a strong exterior cladding that you won't have to maintain or hire scaffolding to get to again to paint. 

A Unique Board that lends itself to all building and renovating applications. 

 Coverage 158mm
• Length 5.84 m 
• Champher Board Profile
• Nominal 6mm uPVC Thickness
• Drop Down Mechanism

Designed to meet AS/NZS 4257.1, AS/NZS 4257.6, AS/NZS 4257.7 and AS/NZS 4257.8

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Rusticated Wood grained finish 

Length  5.84 mtr

Interlocking Boards in a double profile

6mm thick for strength, thermal and acoustic insulation and impact resistance.

Effective Cover - 158 mm

Extruded construction to minimise expansion and contraction

Hidden nailing strip                                                                                                   

Not made from re-cycled materials

Long lengths with matching joiners

Colours Available: White, Vanilla, Glade Green, Heritage Gold, Grey, Linen, Rivergum


  • ExcellBoard SP is durable but lightweight
  • ExcellBoard  SP can be applied straight to Studwork.
  • ExcellBoard SP is UV stable to prevent fading. 
  • ExcellBoard SP is Australian made and owned.
  • ExcellBoard SP comes with a 50 year guarantee. 




The combined thermal insulation properties of uPVC wall cladding help to increase the energy efficiency of the building, making it easier to obtain your 5 star rating.  It is ideal for coastal, country or urban living. 

Excell SP brochure

Excell SP

Excellboard SP - Single profile 6mm Vinyl Cladding Board

Like any company committed to serving our clients - Formplex have introduced another board to our weatherboard range of vinyl cladding weatherboards. Formplex clients can now consider a single profile, nail slotted weatherboard range - we're calling it Excellboard SP - 


It boasts all the qualities of the Excellboard range with a slightly different pattern and comes in the 7 great colours like the Excellboard vinyl cladding range.


Excellboard sp

COVERAGE: 158mm  LENGTH: 5.84m


Designed and manufactured in Australia, our products suit both traditional and contemporary house exteriors.

This vinyl cladding board meets test requirements of AS/NZS 4257.1, .6, .7, and.8 easily and meets a BAL 29 rating in an accepted cladding system.

Excellboard SP has a unique profile and thickness of 6 mm. This board has been developed here in Australia to suit Australian climate.

Our products are developed to ensure that the colour and UV resistance are consistent and it delivers years of effective and stylish good looks with minimal upkeep. We provide a 50 year warranty on all Formplex vinyl weatherboards.





  • Solid 6mm vinyl thickness
  • Australian made
  • Designed especially for the Australian climate
  • Type “A” board
  • AS classified by Australian standards
  • Highly UV resistant
  • Strong and durable
  • Designed to AS/NZS 4256.4
  • 50-year warranty
  • Certified system meets BAL29