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About Us

Neville Crowe 1981
 Neville Crowe 2009

Formplex History

  • Industry Leaders for over 30 years 
  • All Australian Owned Company
  • Exclusive Distributor of ExcellBoard
  • All Australian Made Product
  • Continuity of Product Lines 
Formplex Weatherboards have been National Leaders in the Exterior Cladding industry since 1981.  Keith Murphy started FORMPLEX in 1981 with the philosophy to give clients an all Australian made building product that didn't require painting and that was well insulated. A product that could withstand our harsh Australian conditions, but also be aesthetically appealing. The Murphy Family have all shared in the Formplex Story helping this family owned business run from the Warehouse Management to quoting Builders and Owner Plans, helping at Home Shows and in the Office and installing the board. This has helped to grow the company to the well known Brand it is today.
The all Australian company became a household name by having clad well over 60,000 homes Australia wide.  Remember Neville Crowe in the commercials  ?.....Ah G'day?  ?throw away your paintbrush...?  ?Formplex is Forever?  ?Never Paint Again?
We began with Ecotuff and Supatuff, added Palliside to the range and then delivered what we believe the market wanted and needed -ExcellBoard - a maintenance free uPVC type 1 building board for the new home and renovation market.
We kept being asked about a traditional shape so we've recently re-introduced the Formplex Supersystem range. It comes in
9 great colours and is supported by a 13mm high density foam insulation base.

DEHI - Direct Exterior Home Improvements P/L

ABN 36 006 766 230 

Builders License  CDB-L 49150

Builders License  RL 54644


F2k Pty Ltd t/a Formplex

ABN 56 093 429 979

BSA 1153913


Exhib Design 2000 P/L

ABN 73 069 786 545

BSC 23813C


The Formplex Family
When you contact Formplex you will be pleasantly surprised in this day and age to find that most of us have been here for a very long time.  In fact we are such a close family that some of us have been with Formplex for over 25 years so we can offer you our qualified experience and knowledge  to assist you in any way we can.
That reassurance is there for you when you are doing your extension and want to match your board, when you move house and want to Formplex it too - we keep our product lines.  It says something about the company when the staff is a happy family and adds to the level of care you receive as our client.
You don't have to have MURPHY as your surname to join the Formplex Family - so if you're thinking about joining the team - contact us - we value talented staff and would be happy to discuss your future with us.  Phone 1800 038145 or email

The Brand - Formplex is Forever -  

Formplex is Forever -
When you think of Australian Icons - a few names come to mind - vegemite, hills hoist, Holden, Ford and lamingtons just to name a few. The Formplex name has been around for over 30 years offering Australians a way to keep the quintisential  weatherboard dream home alive in modern times. Modern times means maintenance free.
Which Formplex board you choose comes down to what you need, what you like and what you can afford.
So why don't you test drive our range today and organise a free quote - email or call 1800 038145
Always make sure you get genuine Australian made products - no cheap imports that won't last the test of time - Formplex gives you a 50 year guarantee.
We've kept the production of all of our boards in Australia - no imports - all high quality Australian made.  Keep it Genuine. Make sure you get what you pay for.

What Our Clients Say about us

The best way to monitor how you are viewed in the market place is to hear what our clients say about us.
We have many testimonials from clients that have used our products and services telling us how having their home Formplexed has given them more leisure time and made them house proud. 
Imagine wanting a weatherboard home but being put off about the maintenance required.  With Formplex products you can still have that weatherboard look but without the maintenance. 
One of the nicest things we hear at the many home shows we attend is to hear from people who's parents had their home Formplexed and are still loving it 30 years later.  It's Australian - It's iconic.