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Vertical / Eave Board



Formplex Vertical weatherboard is an Australian-made product that is suitable for both traditional and contemporary house exteriors. The cladding has been tested against rigorous physical requirements and has passed with ease. The product is formulated to withstand the harsh Australian climate, with careful attention given to the UV conditions. The extrusion processes used ensure that the color and UV resistance are consistent throughout each product, not just limited to the surface. With clean glossy lines and embossed wood-grain surfaces, this product offers both style and durability, requiring minimal upkeep.

Our Vertical weatherboard is exceptionally strong and durable with an attractive gloss timber appearance, making it suitable for feature, gable, and eave use. The product's high UV resistance and modern architectural appearance make it an ideal choice for homeowners looking for an aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance option. The product is designed to meet AS/NZS 4257.1, AS/NZS 4257.6, AS/NZS 4257.7, and AS/NZS 4257.8 standards.


  • Length: 4m & 5.84m
  • Cover: 250mm
  • Trims: Wood grained finish
  • Nominal 1.2mm uPVC Thickness
  • Colours: White, Ivory, Vanilla, Glade, Heritage Gold, Grey, Rivergum, Linen

    For more information check out the Vertical Brochure