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Formplex Special Offers - Call 1800 038145 

Formplex offer different special offers during the year. Please note that there is a limit of 1 offer per client / order and no other offer can be applied after your order is placed however please be assured you will have been given the best offer at the time of your appointment and best suited to your requirements. We will always strive to give you the best service, the best products and the best price.


Spring is Here - Time to Refresh your home's look

Spring Clean the look of your home using Australian made insulated weatherboard Supertuff 25mm insulated cladding weatherboard Save $$$ now with our Spring $500 Rebate





Portland Bowls Club - Portland 

Congratulations to the winners on the day at the recent event held at Portland Bowls Club

thank you Judith for the invitation- Paul had a great day meeting you all.

Reclaim your time - Do more of the things you love to do - Call Formplex to help you achieve this - 

Ph 1800 038145







We at Formplex amongst other changes implemented will be expecting that our Agents, Staff and Installers can continue to work safely and can continue to service our valuable clients whilst practising good hygiene and social distancing.

We hope we have your full support in achieving this wherever possible in our day to day interactions. Your support will help minimise the impact to our employees their families, friends and work colleagues. We can still service home measure and quotes and we can smile but probably won’t shake your hand for now.  We will continue to keep you up to date, communicate and inform as processes change.  


Installers on site will also practise social distancing but be able to continue their work for you.

thank you - Formplex Management











July 16, 2019. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Victorian Cladding Task force member Ted Baillieu speak to media about the release of the Victorian Cladding Task force report which identified 500 "highest risk" sites around the state in need of repair.


Just to ease your mind, let me explain how we are not the 'cladding' that is being referred to in the news currently.

In the news recently, many people have witnessed the awful destruction of the Grenfell Tower in London, and previously, the fire in the Lacross Tower in Melbourne.
We see it as necessary to clarify the difference between the “cladding” used on those towers, and Formplex uPVC Weatherboard cladding.
Both Grenfell and Lacross Towers were clad with an Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP). This product consists of two layers of aluminium, sandwiching an inner core of Polyethylene resin (PE). Polyethylene is a highly flammable polymer, which needs only an ignition source, and will then burn with the polymer supporting a flame and burning vigorously. This has been seen with devastating effects on these towers.
In contrast to this, the Formplex uPVC Weatherboard Cladding manufactured in Australia made from highly UV stabilized Poly Vinyl Chloride (uPVC). This polymer will not support a flame itself, and for that reason is used in common household products like power cables and other electrical components where flame resistance is required.
The polystyrene (EPS) used as an insulation on the back of some of our weatherboard cladding products is manufactured with a flame inhibitor. Formplex uPVC weatherboards have passed the stringent requirements as a system for Bushfire Attack Level 29. Details of this test can be found on enquiry. Should you have detailed enquires, please do not hesitate to contact our office 


Keep a look out and you'll see our new tv commercial on air soon - in fact click on the link below to watch them now ....   

We had so much fun we made two of them - see which one you prefer -






















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