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The Big Question is always.... How much ?

As you must appreciate - it's very difficult to quote over the phone because we provide a supply and install solution for your home and we've never seen your home.  It's a bit like asking us how long is a piece of string? ...


We have different boards to meet different budgets so it can differ quite a bit, but we'd like to help you as much as possible.


Keep in mind, we also offer special discounts to make your home a 'promotional home' so you could secure an even better price than you guess - just for agreeing to a free no obligation measure and quote - you could get the bargain of the week and grab a great deal


Painting VS Cladding


PAINT - every 5-10 years  ( multiply cost x 5 ) to compare value

CLAD   - once and comes with a 50 year guarantee


Now if you still think painting the house might be cheaper ....maybe once,

probably not twice and definitely not three to five times which is what you'd

need to do to keep it looking this fresh over the same period of time.


And when you add to that, by cladding your home you effectively

put a coat on it, you'll enjoy heating / cooling cost savings because it

won't take as long to heat up or cool down when the weather changes.

Paint doesn't insulate - Cladding does!


Don't forget a Formplex home won't chip, rot or peel like weatherboards

will eventually do, so it's actually a very good affordable option and adds instant value to your home.

Payment Options


We also have many options to help you get your home Formplexed -

  • We have part house options - ( tackle the weathered walls first )
  • Different Boards - Different Budgets - We can cater both



nothing to find out.



Can the boards go straight onto the house frame?
ExcellBoard is the perfect building board for new construction and can be installed straight onto the studs at 450 batten spacings. Supertuff and Ecotuff are usually used to go over existing house exterior.
How do I know if I'm getting genuine product or cheap copy? Make sure you are dealing with the genuine product by only dealing directly with the FORMPLEX on 1800 038145
Is Formplex Australian Product and Australian Company? All Formplex products are made in Australia and Formplex is a wholly Australian owned company.
Can it be installed vertically / diagonally?
Yes it can.
Will it chip or rot or fade? No it won't
Can it go over concrete?
Yes it can
What if I have aluminium or brick cladding on my home?
We remove the cladding and install the Formplex Board
Will it add value to my house?
Yes it will - see the Gallery to see the client's home that got a much higher valuation after the Formplexing of her home.
Is Excellboard just for new homes?
No, it is dual purpose and can be used both for new construction or recladding an existing home.
Do you see nails and joins?
No, Formplex nails and screws are hidden and will last a lifetime.
What do I get if I refer someone to you?
Ask about our referral program for a way to make your Formplex work for you.
Can you help me get finance to do my Formplex?
Yes, see our Finance page for details on how we can assist you to finance the Formplexing of your home.
We have a NO INTEREST EVER repayment plan that can make it very easy to pay it off.
Do my plans need to be approved prior to getting a quote?
No. It is best to talk to our building department when you at your ideas stage.
What if I want to extend my home in the future?
No problem. We are still supplying the same product lines as well as new ones.
We can match a house we formplexed 30 years ago.
How do I get a free quote?
Call 1800 038145 to organise your no obligation in house free measure and quote today.
Why can't you give me a price over the phone?
It is very difficult and unprofessional to quote an existing home over the phone as we are quoting wall areas and shape, heights, accessibility. These are just some of the factors why we need to sight the home to give you an accurate estimation and it 's free and you are under no obligation. There is no 'hard sell' 
Am I just covering up problems?
No this is a myth - Formplex contains the home preserving the weatherboards beneath.
Will my house be cooler in summer / warmer in winter?
Yes, an extra layer around the home will certainly save you money on your heating and cooling costs.
Brick homes take longer to cool down after a heat spell. Vinyl weatherboards will cool faster.
Does it reduce noise?
Yes. See above. thicker coating on the house will insulate against noise
I live on the coast - will this affect my Formplex?
Coastal living was one condition we considered when designing ExcellBoard so the answer is definitely - no. Salt won't affect our product.
How do I clean it?
Simple soapy water and a soft broom will do the job
What is the importance of using lightweight boards?
The harsh Australian climate we live in means the ground will move more with contraction and expansion due to temperature change - lightweight boards put less pressure on the house frame.
Is it cheaper than painting?
In the long term yes. It would be wrong to compare the cost of one formplexing to one paint job because you won't paint once, but you will Formplex once.
Do you have distributers in each State?
We have Agents in each State to remove the need for the middle man. You only have to deal with Head Office to get the response you need on toll free 1800 038145
Can I buy it myself and install it?
The product must be installed correctly to move with the house and the weather. Installation is not as easy as it looks and the wrong installation can ruin your home. However, please ring our Building department and ask them to advise whether you can do it on 1800 038145
Is the board environmentally friendly?
Yes. Formplex products are environmentally friendly and no forests have been destroyed to produce our products.
Why should I use Formplex weatherboards?
Simple - you want the best you can get for your home - why settle for cheap imports not designed for our climate. We have been around for almost 30 years and are still leaders with a unique product we alone can offer you.
Are all Formplex Appointments made through the office?
Yes - we will arrange a date and time suitable to you and confirm the appointment and who will be coming out to see you so you will be assured it is a qualified representative of Formplex.
Are you licensed?
Yes, Formplex is qualified to do work in every state and comply with all necessary regulations and licenses