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Premium Vinyl Cladding Systems for Victoria, NSW, QLD, TAS and SA





Supertuff 125


The colour of vinyl weatherboard external cladding influences its capacity to absorb or reflect heat. In most climates, it is preferable to use lighter colours or proprietary reflective finishes. We offer a palette that is aesthetically pleasing and holds the uv stability throughout its life expectancy –

We have found many ways to add that perfect contrast fashion colour to ensure clients feel their home is unique and represents them by colouring the non-weatherboard elements of the home or using contrasting trim work to set off the main colour. Eg. Grey board, White trim, Vanilla board, charcoal gutters and roof.




in our Excellboard and Excellboard SP range which you will see throughout the Gallery of Homes.
Our Formplex Supersystem, Supertuff and Ecotuff range also come in IVORY, RIVERGUM, and LINEN - 
If you need to match existing board or colour - send us a sample and we'll let you know if we can match it for you.

A display of colors for vinyl cladding systems in Wagga Wagga

- ( colours may vary slightly from computer images)
Request an actual swatch to be mailed to you for accurate colour.


Comparing Ongoing Maintenance

Formplex 50 Year Guarantee

On completion of the works and full payment of your order, you will receive a 50 year guarantee from Formplex Weatherboards to cover you on materials and workmanship for 50 years pro-rata over time. That's a very big claim to make so we're confident and we stand behind our product and installers - If the material fails to perform or was installed by our tradesmen and was installed incorrectly, we'll rectify and remedy the situation for you.   Click on the link to view.

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Formplex Supersystem with Insulform

Formplex has launched a unique traditional range of vinyl cladding we call Formplex SuperSystem. This profile offers a more traditional older style bullnose shape and it comes in 9 great colours.  

The best part is the 13mm high density foam insulation base that it's fitted over - giving a firm solid base to a cladding board that will suit recladding and new construction application

Looking for promotional homes - call 1800 038145

  • 5.84 mtr lengths
  • 9 great colours
  • 250mm coverage
  • 13mm high density foam insulation base


Original Wall - Insulform layer - Supersystem

During the transformation - Original Wall - Layer of Insulform - Supersystem Cladding

Finished Supersystem Wall

Freshly painted look with insulation against heat, cold, noise with Supersystem

ExcellBoard Type A Building & Cladding Board

ExcellBoard is exclusive to Formplex and one of the thickest boards on the market. You can only buy it from us so don't accept anything but genuine product through Formplex.


ExcellBoard Vinyl Weatherboard cladding is primarily used in New Construction applications as it is easily installed straight onto studs but it is also used in recladding existing homes and can be installed over the existing boards or fibro.


Being 6mm thick makes it the strongest of all the Formplex Vinyl Cladding products.

ExcellBoard is also perfect for Upper Storey Extensions giving you a strong exterior cladding that you won't have to maintain or hire scaffolding to get to again to paint. 

A Unique Board that lends itself to all building and renovating applications. 

* we apologise this board is currently not available *

Click the word brochure to download our brochure - brochure    



  • Rusticated Wood grained finish 
  • Length  5.84 mtr
  • Interlocking Boards in a double profile
  • 6mm thick for strength, thermal and acoustic insulation and impact resistance.
  • Effective Cover - 265mm (25mm overlap)
  • Extruded construction to minimise expansion and contraction
  • Hidden nailing strip
  • Not made from re-cycled materials
  • Long lengths with matching joiners
  • Colours Available: White, Vanilla, Linen, Rivergum, Light Grey, Glade Green, Heritage Gold,
  • ExcellBoard is durable but lightweight
  • ExcellBoard can be applied straight to Studwork.
  • ExcellBoard is UV stable to prevent fading. 
  • ExcellBoard is Australian made and owned.
  • ExcellBoard comes with a 50 year guarantee. 

The combined thermal insulation properties of uPVC wall cladding help to increase the energy efficiency of the building, making it easier to obtain your 5 star rating.It is ideal for coastal, country or urban living. 


Excellboard SP - Single profile 6mm Vinyl Cladding Board

Excellboard sp

Like any company committed to serving our clients - Formplex have introduced another board to our weatherboard range of vinyl cladding weatherboards. Formplex clients can now consider a single profile, nail slotted weatherboard range - we're calling it Excellboard SP - 


It boasts all the qualities of the Excellboard range with a slightly different pattern and comes in the 7 great colours like the Excellboard vinyl cladding range.


COVERAGE: 158mm  LENGTH: 5.84m

Designed and manufactured in Australia, our products suit both traditional and contemporary house exteriors.

This vinyl cladding board meets test requirements of AS/NZS 4257.1, .6, .7, and.8 easily and meets a BAL 29 rating in an accepted cladding system.

Excellboard SP has a unique profile and thickness of 6 mm. This board has been developed here in Australia to suit Australian climate.

Our products are developed to ensure that the colour and UV resistance are consistent and it delivers years of effective and stylish good looks with minimal upkeep. We provide a 50 year warranty on all Formplex vinyl weatherboards.



Key Features

  • Solid 6mm vinyl thickness
  • Australian made
  • Designed especially for the Australian climate
  • Type “A” board
  • AS classified by Australian standards
  • Highly UV resistant
  • Strong and durable
  • Designed to AS/NZS 4256.4
  • 50-year warranty
  • Certified system meets BAL29

Supertuff I25 Vinyl Cladding Board

Double profile chamfer board
Length  5.84 mtr
Cover - 250mm
Trims -  Wood grained finish                                      
Insulation - 25mm foam backed
Colours - White, Ivory, Vanilla, Glade, Heritage Gold, Grey, Rivergum, Linen
Supertuff can be installed straight onto new construction over the sisalation and is easy to install with a unique interlocking system that makes it a quick and simple to handle product that will give your extension a professional weatherboard look without the maintenance of painting or repairs to weathered and rotting boards and full protection against the elements. 

Supertuff Vinyl Cladding is tough and long lasting.  It is UV resistant and suitable for the extremes of the Australian climate, providing insulation benefits in both summer and winter.  Another reason Supertuff is perfect for the upper storey extension as weather conditions commonly heat up the upper level and cause deterioration with constant exposure to the extremes and double profile saves time and labour on installation.


Formplex offer a 50 year guarantee when we install Formplex Weatherboards on your home by our qualified and experienced tradesmen.

EcoTuff Type B Cladding Board-


Vinyl Cladding for recladding and renovating existing homes


Length:   5.84mtr
Double Profile Chamfer Board - Cover - 250mm                                        
Trims - Wood grained finish
Insulation - NEW 15 mm foam backed
Colours  -White, Ivory, Vanilla, Glade, Heritage Gold, Grey, Rivergum, Linen
Do you want the look of timber without the maintenance? Do you want to upgrade your existing home and help insulate it at the same time while getting a freshly painted look, but you're on a budget?
Like all Formplex products, Ecotuff is an All Australian Made Solid Vinyl Weatherboard with a light wood grain texture to enhance the natural appearance of painted timber weatherboard. 
Ecotuff is insulated NOW with 15mm foam backing instead of 10mm and is a solid vinyl board that is perfect for cladding existing homes and extensions alike.  You will instantly feel the benefits of the insulation keeping your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer.



Vinyl Cladding Fitting Accessories

accessories.jpg - large

VERTICAL.jpg - large

Vinyl Vertical and Eave Lining Board

 If you prefer a different look, this board is versatile and can be installed vertically giving a unique

 look to your cladding project. It is also perfect for use as eave lining that does not require painting.

 Palliside Type A Vinyl Cladding & Building Board


Palliside offers quite a number of the qualities and benefits that the Excellboard range was built and improved upon. 
Palliside is based on co-extrusion method of design which means it comprises extruded foamed pvc board with a co extruded upvc top layer.   
If you already have the Palliside range on your home, we will be able to match profile and colour for any extension you may be planning.  If you are not sure what cladding you have on your home, send us a sample and we'll be able to advise you on what product you have and if we can match it.


Length    5.84 mtr
Wood grained finish  
Interlocking Boards in a double profile
6mm thick for strength, thermal and acoustic insulation and impact resistance.
Effective Cover - 260mm
Hidden nailing strip
Colours Available   White, Vanilla, Glade Green, Heritage Gold, Grey      

Brick Cladding Removal / Disposal

Do you know if your brick clad home contains asbestos?  Formplex can assess your home and determine the safest way to remove the brick cladding and dispose of it and re clad your home safely with Formplex range of solid uPVC weatherboard cladding. Call us now to get a free quote 1800 038145