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Formplex Facelift

Posted By S Costa  
17:30 PM

Bermagui 29-08-19 - Don't hear it from me, listen to Warwick...  

Formplex refurbished his home and bungalow using Supertuff Grey weatherboards straight over the existing facade.


"I am extremely happy with the cladding job on my house. The contractor, Peter rang the day before start date to say he would commence work at 7.30 in the morning. At 7.30 precisely the work began, Peter's manners and presentation were ex

excellent  . He kept me at ease by explaining what he doing and how the job was going.He worked so well. The house and bungalow were finished on time and looks fantastic.The Formplex cladding was definitely the right choice and I would recommend it to anyone  who wants to smarten up there home.        Yours Sincerely Warwick"