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Colour Range - Formplex


Vinyl Weatherboard Cladding  

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR ?  Linen? Grey? White? Rivergum? Vanilla? Gold? Glade ?




palliside colours

Let's talk linen and rivergum 

These colours are trending currently and very adaptable to both traditional colour schemes and a modern look 

Both colours are on the cool colour palette and go beautifully with a diverse range of colour contrasts. Personalise your look with a white window and charcoal grey roof or a red door or consult with us to create your own colour scheme - You like purple, no problem - Vanilla boards will compliment that look. 


We also have our weatherboard range in White Vanilla Grey Gold Glade - so you're sure to find one to suit your renovation.  Ask our consultant about your colour scheme and we'll work with you - If you're building, send us your plans for a free quote


Palliside Colours

Excellboard Vanilla

Excellboard Vanilla  

Supertuff Grey

Supertuff Grey

Ecotuff Grey

Excellboard - white